Vocal Instant Composition


Photo series of concert at dawn in Muziekgebouw a/h Ij

If you follow this link, you will find photo impressions of the Sunrise Concert the Genetic Choir gave on 11 October 2015 in the Muziekgebouw aan het Ij.

We were part of the 24hour Resonance event initiated by Merlijn Twaalfhoven, with a one-hour concert of Genetic Choir music with invited dancers between 7 and 8am and a collaboration with several World Music singers in the following music block, that was curated by Yinske Silva. Great memories!

(1) 24hRes_zaklampen1 (1) 24hRes_MakikoMuziekgebouw_GeneticChoir_sunrise_concert1  Muziekgebouw_GeneticChoir_sunrise_concert4

(1) 24hRes_poike_choir_balcony_standing_withMarielle2(1) 24hRes_GCtrio12

Photo credits: Poike Stomps

Old Songs, New Songs workshop on 20+21 February

Family Radio Living Room_well-known-song

Be welcome to experience the Genetic Choir way of working in combination with song material:

This two-day session will combine our knowledge of instant composition with the phenomena/skill of “singing a song” and melt it together in one weekend. You can either come with a prepared song or completely blank, and we will workshop how to integrate different styles of song-singing into Genetic Choir improvisations. Those who want to purely improvise will be challenged with the task of solo improvising and story-telling (a song is more than an abstract sound-carpet). And those who like to work with their existing song will be taken on journeys of non-idiomatic ensemble improvisations with it. :-)

The workshop brings together all the experience the Genetic Choir has gathered earlier in Melody Makers, the Well-known-song workshops and the research on Phrasing.

Date: 20+21 February 2015

Times: 10:30-17:00

Costs: 110,- exBTW (130,10 incl.)

Place: Studio Wladiwostok, Bogortuin 16, Amsterdam

If you would like to join, or want to request more information, send us a message through the Contact page.
Can’t make the date? There are more workshops planned. Click here to see the overview.

Bulgarian modern

Listen to this collaboration of the Genetic Choir with Bulgarian voices Juliette van Dijk and Marielle de Winter (Pauni Trio), resulting in

Genetic Choir Composition 15120405

– including the Bulgarian christian-orthodox hymn ‘Tebe Poem’ (Dobri Hristov).


Taken from our concert “Church Songs for the 21st Century”, celebrating Genetic Choir’s new CD on 4 December 2015.

Recording credits: Harald Kerres

Two Genetic Choir concerts with Flamish Writers

unnamedThis weekend, both our fans in Amsterdam and Utrecht will have a chance to see the Genetic Choir create music to the strange short stories that the Vorlesebühne writers will provide, in the 5th edition of our long-standing collaboration with these adventurers of absurd prose:

Friday 15th in the Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, 20:30 (click here for info/reservations)

Saturday 16th in Houtzaagmolen de Ster, Utrecht, 20:00 (click here for info/reservations)

Special about these two Vorlesebühne concerts is that Flamish Writers mix with Dutch ones.

You can drink and eat some wonderful food on Saturday (16:15), together with all the performers, provided you reserve for it via vorlesebuhne@gmail.com

It’s a Dutch language event, so here follows the full info in Dutch:

De liedjes die de kachel altijd zong   

Vorlesebuhne_januari_600x706De poes knort. De plant fluistert. De hond denkt na over stukken bot uit heden en verleden. Het glas kijkt je vragend aan. De strijkplank ook. De kachel zingt liedjes. Vage liedjes, van vroeger. Die je liever nooit had gehoord.
Met: Anna Vercammen, Tine Moniek, Gerard Herman, Ariadne Verstegen, Bernhard Christiansen.
Muziek: Genetic Choir
20.30 uur
toegang 3-10 euro, kaarten kopen kan hier
20.00 uur
toegang 7-10 euro, reserveren via vorlesebuhne@gmail.com
In de molen is er vooraf tegen een door u te bepalen vergoeding heerlijk eten met de schrijvers en muzikanten en publiek om 18.15 uur, als je komt, reserveer uiterlijk donderdag via vorlesebuhne@gmail.com

Catching Cultures – tonight!

The Genetic Choir will perform tonight at 20:00 in the Tivoli (Utrecht) as part of the Catching Cultures Orchestra Festival.


This one-day festival is organised under the motto “Refugees bring music” and the Genetic Choir is very happy to be taking part in this celebration of the diverse musical treasures coming to us through migration. We will engage in on-the-spot collaborations with the musicians who perform this afternoon and have a half hour set tonight (20:00-20:30) to celebrate their music in conjunction with our Instant Composition voices.

Join us, come and dance and listen!

Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

Sunday, 3rd of January 2016

Genetic Choir set at 20:00 – 20:30
(festival is already running, so come any time. Full program on: http://www.catchingculturesorchestra.nl/index.php/festival-3-januari-2016/)

There’s Syrian food around 18:00, taken care of by Resto van Harte!

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1121538647863933/

Workshops in 2016

(1) Foto Resonance in Actie Yinske en Thomas resonance_060615_annesmeets_16The Genetic Choir workshop planning until the summer is complete, and workshops are filling up quickly…  :-)

Click below to read about it and if you are interested to join, send us a note via the Contact page.

Read the rest of this page »

Vote for this project about elderly people and sound memories

Dear Genetic Choir friends,

we are preparing a project in which the Genetic Choir will go into elderly people’s homes to search for sound memories and sing those memories back to the people living there. We also want to train family of alzheimer patients and health-care personnel to make contact with those sometimes seemingly unreachable elderly in a different way, inspired by the Genetic Choir approach.

In order to do this, we set up a pilot project together with an old people’s home in Amsterdam, but we need YOUR HELP to actually make it happen. We just need a little bit of your time to gather enough votes on jijmaakthetmee.nl – a website that facilitates funding for small social/cultural projects. The idea is that we gather at least 100 audience votes, which would mean we get a chance for a 5.000 euro pilot grant. Read the rest of this page »