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GC_picutre_for_website4_darker_notext"Whatever it was, it was very good!"

surprised audience member after Elevator Music

“These sounds… some of them… I had to laugh, but it also did something to me. I really got this urge to fly!”

Midas Dekkers in reaction to the Insects Concert

“I have been listening full of of fascination to the Genetic Choir pieces. You appear to me as a vocal machine that is constantly searching, evaluating, probing, seducing, without any fear.”

an online listener to our Audio Page    




Genetic Choir Church Songs _ frontChurch Songs for the 21st Century

– the concert –


Friday 4 December 2015  –  20:00


Obrechtkerk, Jacob Obrechtstraat 30 1071 KM Amsterdam

Very special guests confirmed so far include Jacob Lekkerkerker on organ and the amazing Bulgarian Voices of the Pauni Trio. There will be dancers and speakers! All our guests will engage with the Genetic Choir in Vocal Instant Composition and we will of course work with the special acoustics given by the church space.

Obrechtkerk_picPlease support us to make this concert unforgettable by already buying your tickets (5,- Euro p.p.) here. You can also pre-order the CD to be the first to get it on concert day! Check out all the options here.

‘From writings of the Church fathers and other reports, it is unequivocally clear that the rites of worship of the early Christians were marked by a religious ecstasy that manifested itself in unhampered, purely emotional, spontaneous expression. From the earliest time onward there is copious documentary evidence of the extensive part played by improvisation throughout the development of all church music. In vocal music, improvising on all the intervals and internal combinations appearing in Gregorian chant was systematically practised by singers and choirboys. Later, instrumentally, there is evidence that musicians such as the 14th century blind organist Francesco Landini became well-known for their improvising abilities.’ (taken from Derek Bailey: Improvisation, its nature and practice in music (1992, p29)


Other upcoming concerts:

(1) IJSBEER PosterA3_zonder_randPremiere “Ijsbeer in de Tropen”

15 November – 14:30 – Amstelveens Poppentheater, W. v. Borsselenweg 85a, Amstelveen

Genetic Choir made the all-vocals sound-track for this atmospheric children piece (with music and soundscapes for northpole/ocean/jungle) by Lindai Boogerman and Thomas Johannsen

For children from age 3 upward. No language skills required.

Genetic Choir singers will be present on the premiere!


YoungBloodInitiative_nov2015Genetic Choir @ Galerie Bart / Bart Invites

29 November, 16:00 at Bart Invites, Bloemgracht 2, Amsterdam

Finissage of the Young Blood Initiatives’ month at Galerie Bart’s former venue: Bart Invites

The Genetic Choir will be reflecting on the exhibition with a special concert. (more info soon)


vorlesebuhne iconVorlesebühne, ‘Vlaamse Editie’

15 Januari 2016 – Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Genetic Choir instant composes as the returning musical guest for the writers of the Vorlesebühne.
same concert is one day later in Utrecht: 16 januari at Houtzaagmolen de Ster


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If you like to read about our past concerts, have a look in the Concert Archive .



Live audio examples          Booking information          What is the Genetic Choir?

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