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GC_picutre_for_website4_darker_notext"Whatever it was, it was very good!"

surprised audience member after Elevator Music

“These sounds… some of them… I had to laugh, but it also did something to me. I really got this urge to fly!”

Midas Dekkers in reaction to the Insects Concert

“I have been listening full of of fascination to the Genetic Choir pieces. You appear to me as a vocal machine that is constantly searching, evaluating, probing, seducing, without any fear.”

an online listener to our Audio Page    


Upcoming Concerts:

15 January 2016                 de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam –

vorlesebuhne iconVorlesebühne, ‘Vlaamse Editie’: De liedjes die de kachel altijd zong

15 Januari 2016 – Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Genetic Choir instant composes as the returning musical guest for the writers of the Vorlesebühne.
same concert is one day later in Utrecht: 16 januari at Houtzaagmolen de Ster

De poes knort. De plant fluistert. De hond denkt na over stukken bot uit heden en verleden. Het glas kijkt je vragend aan. De strijkplank ook. De kachel zingt liedjes. Vage liedjes, van vroeger. Die je liever nooit had gehoord.

met Anna Vercammen, Tine Moniek, Gerard Herman, Ariadne Verstegen, Bernhard Christiansen

muziek: Genetic Choir

16 January 2016                   also in de Houtzaagmolen de Ster in Utrecht


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Live audio examples          Booking information          What is the Genetic Choir?

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