Vocal Instant Composition


Hiroshima concerts and workshops

Here the schedule of CMF2016 in Hiroshima, on which the Genetic Choir will be the international guest on 18th and 19th of September 2016. The link to the English timetable is here: Timetable-CMF2016-English

We are looking forward!



oh Brazil!

With the Rio2016 Olympics in sight, here a piece of Genetic-Choir-laced Brazilian music! 🙂

This was a collaboration of the Genetic Choir with the wonderful singers of Cafuné. Recorded in december 2015 on our first “Church Songs for the 21st Century” concert.

We have a planned new date, for the second edition of this concert series, that brings manifold cultural influences on spiritual music together in the frame of ‘Church Music and Improvisation”. So for all our fans, write it down:

2 december 2016

Obrechtkerk, Amsterdam

Another taste of last year’s concert (our bulgarian-orthodox music collaboration with the Pauni Trio) can be found if you click here.


Tour Japan is happening!

torii-gate2With a big thanks for the support by Fonds Podiumkunsten, we are happy to announce that the Genetic Choir will – as planned – be travelling to Japan this September!

Our program is:

  • 18+19 September – giving performances and workshops on the Creative Music Festival (CMF) in Hiroshima
  • mokugu-sha_banner_bewerkt22+25 September – two performances with Bunraku Ensemble “Mokugusha”, performing in traditional village theaters in Tokushima

If you know of people we can connect to in Japan while we are over there, please let us know!

We have plans for furthergoing collaborations, to create a Dutch-Japanese research/performance project on the craft of Improvisation and the craft of Water Engineering in 2018.

But first things first… 🙂


Invitation to Sweden

musical-evolution2_bewerktWhile the Loop-Copy-Mutate project of the Genetic Choir is in further development, Thomas Johannsen has been invited to the International Symposium on the Histories and Practices of Choral Singing after submitting this article that describes the collaboration of the ‘human sampling organism’ of the Genetic Choir with computer music programmers working on computer listening and music creative systems.

The Symposium will happen in Lund, Sweden, from 19-21 October 2016.

Travel funding is still being sought to see if a delegation of the Genetic Choir can attend the conference in person.

Read the article here: https://genetic-choir.org/singing-with-machines/

More info on the symposium: click here

CIRCLE: Genetic Choir performs 18 June @ Sandberg Institute

IMG_2375The Genetic Choir Ensemble will perform
Saturday, 18 June 2016
a graduation work of Cathalijne Smulders from the Cure Master of Sanderg Institute, Amsterdam.
Place: Burgerweeshuis, IJsbaanpad 1-5 Amsterdam
Time: Performances will start at 12:00 and 13:00. Be welcome!
Linking nicely with Genetic Choir’s recent work at the Sarphatihuis Amsterdam where we worked with people with somatic, geriatric or psychiatric backgrounds, in this performance piece we will be working with Cathelijne Smulders and Tamara van Scheppingen in a combined exploration of the disruption of speaking and our relationship to space.
CIRCLE is an exploration of voices that mirror the boundaries of a space, an utterance, the other and a certain duration. It is part of a series of works that echo, mirror, displace and interrupt a (       ), to (dis)orientate prevailing flows of attention and meaning in favor of a more open, synthetic, porous and affectionate proposition of what (       ) can be.

(a body) 

(a mark) 

(a space) 

(a word)

(a time)

Genetic Choir on International Computer Music Conference

logo_icmc2016As a new result of the Loop-Copy-Mutate project, the Genetic Choir has been invited to ICMC 2016 in Utrecht, this September 12th-16th.

The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) is the largest, most established international conference for music practitioners working with digital technologies. It is a travelling annual conference, currently in its 42nd edition, which gathers leading researchers, practitioners and artists from around the world working in the academia, industry, or independently in a variety of fields – a.o. music and sound art, interactive art, performance, musicology, human-computer interaction, computer science and engineering. This year back in the Netherlands (after 30 years), it is organised by Gaudeamus Muziekweek and HKU University of Arts, Utrecht.

If you would like to read the article that won us the interest of this conference, look here.

With the prospect of beginning programming work on the listening software for the Loop-Copy-Mutate project in August 2016, we intend to hold a hands-one workshop on ICMC2016 for SuperCollider programmers and other interested people, featuring Genetic Choir singers and our own programming team.

We will update you closer to the time with more detailed information.

Tickets for the conference can be bought here.



Genetic Choir workshop on 5th of June

As the weekend workshop on 28/29 May is already almost full, we decided to hold one more workshop this season, open to newcomers and experienced singers alike:

5 June 2016

A day of simply celebrating music making the Genetic Choir way. Open to new and old singers alike. Some crisp training of the principles, but most of all lots of singing and creating pieces!  What is the Genetic Choir way of working? Click here for more info.
One full day, 10:30-17:00  / 60,- exBTW (72,60 incl.)
It will be a feast!
You can inscribe for this day by sending an e-mail to workshops@genetic-choir.org